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The PlasmaSpot® is our solution for R&D activities as well as small scale industrial production. It is ideal to treat small articles, 3D shapes and fibres. It has a spot size from 2 mm upwards. Using masking technology, smaller surfaces can also be treated. As a standard, up to A3 size substrates can be treated with the plasma head installed on a 3-axis system.

The PlasmaSpot® Mini operates according to the following specifications:

Plasma HeadSpot
Power60 - 450 W
Voltage5 - 25 kV
Frequencyca. 60 kHz
Plasma gas typeAir, N₂, He, Ar, … & mixtures
Plasma gas flow10 - 250 slm
Range of precursorsLiquids, gases, mix of liquids, solutions, dispersions, etc…
Precursor supplyGas flow control, nanometric droplets, ultraquick change-over
Atomizer counts1 to 2
Precursor consumption0.3 to 2.5 g/h
Homogenous plasma area∅ 10 - 25 mm
Working distance1 - 20 mm
Working temperatureRoom temperature
Typical coating deposition rate10 - 100 𝑛𝑚.𝑠^(−1).〖𝑐𝑚〗^(−2)
XY motionFesto, max speed 30 m/min
Z motionManual
Max substrate sizeA3
Max substrate thickness15 cm
Total floor space 1 m²2.3 m² (L 1.82m x l 1.24m)
Height excluding exhaust fans2.85 m
Weight1650 Kg
Integrated MPG softwareData tracking and collection Statistical process control for QC Remote diagnostics

See Surface Functionalities for an overview of the solutions we can offer with our technology.

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