Products & Technology

MPG is constantly developing and commercialising its novel nano-coating technology using cold atmospheric plasma. The uniqueness of this technology lies in the fact that we use the plasma as a vector to graft organic chemistry directly onto any substrate in a single-step, solvent-free, scalable atmospheric process at room temperature. We provide R&D and industrial plasma systems dedicated to advanced surface functionalization.


We offer standard systems for R&D and industrial purposes as well as customized industrial solutions that fit your needs and can be integrated in your production lines.

Our technology

In the animation below, you will see the key differences between our technology and most common corona-like arc-plasma technologies on the market.

How does it work?

TemperatureOperates at room temperature – Ideal for sensitive materials
Plasma Energy LevelVery low – Enables use of sensitive and complex chemistries
Choice of ChemistryOrganic Chemistry (primary amines, epoxy groups, hydroxyl groups, carboxyl groups, isocyanates, ...)
Plasma GasAlmost any gas can be used (Air, N₂, He, Ar, CO₂, ...) which enables a wide range of processes
ScalabilityHigh – 2mm² spot treatment up to 1.2 meter wide continuous plasma (can be further scaled up as well as scaled down)

See Surface Functionalities for an overview of the solutions we can offer with our technology.

If you have a special question or need a specific surface functionality for your automotive product, please call us at +352 54 55 80 461 or reach us through the contact form.