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Adhesive bonding in Aerospace and Defense



  • SOCOMORE & MPG work in partnership to develop solutions for the aerospace and defense industries:
  • MPG will provide plasma equipment, expertise and and technical support to customers. 
  • Socomore will recommend, formulate and supply the functional chemicals to use with the equipment. With longtime expertise in specialty chemicals,  SOCOMORE’s R&D team is able to develop the solutions adapted to the equipment and customer requirements.

Applications of MPG technology with Socomore chemistry:

  • Composite Materials:
    Improved adhesion between fibers and resins (glass fiber, carbon fiber, etc.)
  • Structural Adhesion:
    Improved adhesion between layers or between parts with incompatible or inert materials
  • Paint adhesion / Corrosion protection:
    Grafting of primer for improved adhesion between substrate and protective layer

MPG’s molecular plasma coating technology enables:

  • Non-hazardous chemistry and very low emissions
  • No damage to the surface, even for sensitive thermoplastics
  • Risk and scrap reduction by full in-line quality control (UV tracer)
  • Full process control for application validation (Global solution)
  • Longer open time (vs. conventional plasma), eliminating logistics constraints

Furthermore, MPG’s technology enables the development of next generation advanced composites by increasing the strength of the bond between the fibre material (carbon, polyolefins, aramids, natural, …) and the polymer matrix.

See Surface Functionalities for an overview of the solutions we can offer with our technology.

If you have any questions or require a specific surface functionality for any of your products, please contact us.

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